Fondly called SAGENEL,

Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode is a Fun, Loving, Interesting, Intelligent and Wise Multi-Influential Woman who is invested in using her gifts and ultimately her life in Building a Legacy System for Women, Families and Organization, and Nations via the Various Expression that is continually made available to her via her Creator.

Nkechi is The Architect of The Self, Partner and People Discovery System for Women and she has continued to create Communities, Systems, Books, Resources, Materials, Programmes to drive the Building and Structuring of and for Woman in their Personal, Relationships and Work Life.

Nkechi is an Author of over 20 exceptional books on Self Discovery, Comparison, Purpose and Relationship and Life Systems for Women.


» The Fullness of YOU.

» Purpose is in Pieces.

» The Relationship Questionnaire.

» Enjoying Her.

» The Significance of Your Singlehood.

» 50 Places a Woman can be found by her Right Man

Creating a Marital Vision.

» 50 Romantic things Couples can do in a Relationship apart from Sex.

》Woman, You are Distinct.

》Your Relationship Companion

》Make More Money

» Ten Mistakes Women make in Choosing their RIGHT-FIT Partner amongst many more.

You can get most of her books here;

Nkechi also writes Fiction and has a Fiction Community on Facebook – Stories by SAGENEL, that helps to Inspire, Propel and Relax readers Mind, helping them Imbibe and Activate the Right Value System while at it.

She is a Certified COUNSELOR and Therapist who has Over 5 years experience of Counseling Young Women and Young Couples.

Nkechi has gone on to create Courses and Pre-Marital Materials to help equip women and young couples to Marry Right, Marry Well, Marry Wholly and some of these Courses can be found here;

She is a Globally Certified Mediator and Negotiator who helps Individuals, Families, Organizations and Nations resolve Conflict.

Destiny Design Workroom Lifeversity is a Self Discovery, Identity and Relationship School Design for Women founded in 2016 to be able to Cater to these needs and has has many Testimonials of Growth from Alumni of this School.

Because of her Call and passion for Women she Founded Wondiva Global Community in 2016,

A Community of over 1,000 Growing Strong Women Cut across different segments.

With Specialized and Personalized Groups for,

Students, Single Mothers, Mothers, Wives, Singles, Business Women, Women in Career, Women Interested in Learning a Skill, Spiritual Development Group and More.

All Catering to Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological, Financial, Marital needs of Women from diverse backgrounds including, Single Mothers, Students, Nigerians in Dispora, Business Women, Career Women, Wives and Women Globally.

Here the First Issue of The WONDIVA Magazine;

Learn more about WONDIVA Global Community

Facebook and Instagram – @wondiva_globalcommunity

Nkechi’s Passion for Leadership and Intentionality in using her Voice Profitably has taken her into the Media Space.

She has Worked with SuperScreen Television as a Co-host of The Let’s Talk Show,  Currently 91.7 (Women Radio) as a Newspaper Review Analyst/Counselor and worked in MaxFM, 102.3/90.9 as a Guest Co-host on the Late Night Show.

She also airs her Online Talkshow – The NEL SHOW via @sage_nel  on Instagram and Analysis and Gives Solutions to Life and Cultural Issues on YouTube on SAGENEL TV.

She is currently the Host of LIFETALKS with SAGENEL which broadcasts live every Friday by 7pm on Dux 94.7FM where she teaches on Love, Life, Relationship, Marriage, Family and Nation Building.

She recently launched her first APP,

Your Report Sheet Simplified for Counselors, Coaches, Therapists and Consultants help build a Legacy System for Organizations.

You can download the APP on Google Play Store here;


SAGENEL’s Instagram

Nkechi likes to do many things, but two of the dearest thing to her heart that Nkechi is Convincingly Passionate about is helping Women Find, Understand and Become their “FULL and Whole Self” and Helping Women get into the Right Relationship, Get out of the Wrong Relationship and Marry into their God Ordained Marriage. She wakes up daily to make sure that this happens in the life of Women and Couples Weekly.

She’s a Partner Counselor to Lead Therapist Organizations like,

Therapy Tribe, Online Counseling, Thesel, Institute of Family Engineering and Development, African Network of Professional Counselors, Blue Room Care  Therapy and many More.

Nkechi can actually sing really well and Nkechi really loves to Dance!

She is Married to her Best Friend and Spirit Design, Funsho Emmanuel-Layode and together they are Busy Building and Establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

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Whatsapp Number- +2348087776755

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love Regardless

Nkechi’s Journey

My Name is Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode.

In 2010, through my soul searching quest for my Passion and exploration of my Life’s Discovery Journey , I found out that I have a Passion for Counseling and Teaching. I still have the Yellow Diary (gifted to me, priceless gift!) where I wrote down Teaching and Counseling as a Pointer to my Purpose on Earth and my Role in Humanity. I have ventured into different things on the Journey to where I am today. And I am still venturing and exploring different areas to make sure that I serve you in the most relevant area of your life where you currently aren’t receiving Premium Servicing.

In 2014, I started Amarpraze, an Event Company out of my Passion of Organizing things, It was the beginning of the many “Do it Afraid” journeys that i would embark on. I would get grounded in anything and everything that made me be the Best in Offering Value to Our Event Clients. From researching on Panning Templates and Books Online, to begging those going to or coming from America to buy me “The Knot” Magazines. I and the Team would get into presentations to potential clients on what we can offer them and we would get into as much exhibitions as we could when we weren’t planning an event, selling the products that we had in our Company via the skills that i acquired e.t.c Cocktails.

Amarpraze then expanded into a Skill School and then a store where we sold things produced from the Skill School. We saw the need to begin to train people on what we were offering and also expand to other skills by collaborating with other teachers and we started with
a few amazing courses.

You can Check it all out here
The Events Company, The Skill School, The Store.

In the midst of going about the Business, I started to feel a nudging by God’s Spirit to Begin to Train, Teach, Lead and Counsel women in seeing themselves the way he sees them and patterning their lives according to His Pattern.
I started the walk of Faith and Obedience and with 5 Women we started @wondiva_globalcommunity on January 10th 2016, we are 4 Years and counting and we have expanded and we still continue to expand to different parts of the World with the Message and Aim of Releasing Women into their Identity to Live Out the Patterns of God fearlessly in a World that continues to oppose this. Our Social Media page is just 1% of what we are about, we have more intensive Life Workout session not shown on Social Media.

If you want to be a part of WONDIVA, send a DM to @wondiva_globalcommunity and we would be more than pleased to welcome in on your Life Workout Identity Walk.
Or an email to