My name is Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode (SAGENEL) and I consider myself a Legacy System Builder for Women, Families, Organizations and Nations.

This simply means I help Women find and discover their Self, Purpose, Vision, Identity and help them create and show them practical systems that they can use to live it out in accordance with their (Personal Operating System) and helping them Marry their Right-FIT Man while at it, so that, that Greatness that they have been called into by God can be manifested in their lives, the lives of their Husband, Families, Organizations and Nations.
I believe that it is a Woman who is developing and dedicated to the Growth of God’s Best for her that can be an Asset to Her Husband.
Hence my passion for leading and sharing with Women about Relationships and Marriage and how to Navigate it.
I accomplish this Dream and Vision I just shared with you through;

> The Media – I’m on Radio Weekly and I host Talkshows every other week on Instagram/YouTube (SAGENEL TV) and I lead and co-host TV Talkshows in the Nigerian Space.

> Counseling – I am a Trained and Certified Counselor from different accredited institutions and I am also a Certified Mediator and Negotiator and I partner with different Organization as their Executive Counselor as needed.

> Teaching and Community – God has given me a Message to Women and the Nations like I shared with you earlier on and I have been training, becoming and liberating other women through the power and gifts of training and teaching actively since 2016.

> Writing – I am privileged to be an Author of Close to 20 Books (maybe more by now) and I am just going to keep on writing, because there is a Message that must be communicated, urgently.

> Technology – There is a lot of productions that we are going to birth riding on the waves of Technology for the furtherance of this assignment.

and many other expression as God leads and will lead in the nearest future.

To stay Updated with the kind of work I do;
Instagram/Twitter – @sage_nel
Facebook – Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode
Email –
Whatsapp – +2348087776755
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