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Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode is a Fun, Loving, Interesting, Intelligent and Wise Multi-Influential Woman who is invested in using her gifts and ultimately her life in serving Jesus Christ via the Various Expressions and Platforms he has provided and presented to her.

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Omotayo Omotola

Omotayo Omotola

Social Media

I’m Omotayo Omotola, a digital marketer, founder of Elegance Media, a digital marketing agency that helps brand gain visibility online and increase their sales

I’m using my skills to help in the growth of organization like SheCodeAfrica (as Community manager), WONDIVA global Community (social media team) among others.

I’m Abba special daughter, an internet crawler, love cooking and also like writing.



I am Adeola, I am very passionate about God, technology and helping others. I hope to travel round the world and pile up memorable souvenirs. I am a lover of basketball and everyone calls me Dee

OlaKristi Ayo-Obiremi

OlaKristi Ayo-Obiremi

I am OlaKristi Ayo-Obiremi, an accountant and a writer. I express myself through my writings, sharing my believes and values through my pieces. I am passionate about making godly relationships work out and i look forward to working in that line someday. I enjoy cooking and playing the talking drum

Damilola Orija

Damilola Orija

Content Creator

My name is Damilola Orija
I am a Culinary Nutritionist and Content creator.

I enjoy designing, cooking and teaching.

Here’s what friends and clients say about SAGENEL

Nkechi is one of the most patient, considerate and resourceful people I know. I have interacted with her on various projects and I have experienced a consistent grace with which she completes tasks. Nkechi is an excellent example of when direction and purpose meets skill and a teachable spirit. I think any person will be pleased with the wonderful environment Nkechi brings.

Dr. Anita Onwuteaka
Dr. Anita Onwuteaka

Working with Mrs Nel has been an amazing journey
I have learned, re- learned and unlearned a lot.
I have been given Godly counsel that was tailor made for every situation of my life with very practicable steps to being the best that I can be. I am really glad to have accepted to work with Mrs Nel, she is not only real, she is authentic and she is a woman filled with wisdom.


Working with Nkechi for me can be described in one word, Clarity. I trust Nkechi’s opinion and I trust Nkechi to give the most honest advice. I also appreciate how Nkechi is always ready to help when I have an issue be it towards personal, self-discovery, relationship. Nkechi has really been instrumental in who I am becoming. In discovering myself. From the one on one sessions I’ve had with her to the classes I’ve taken as well.


I have known Nkechi for about 18years and we have collaborated on a few projects that have impacted women, relationships, and largely the society. As a columnist at Brielle Magazine, Nkechi’s wise counsel and take on issues is refreshing and very instrumental for empowering individuals to be the best versions of themselves. In addition, Nkechi has been on the fore of organizing skill acquisition programs that have empowered many youths. As such, I highly recommend Nkechi as a life coach/counselor if you are interested in actualizing your purpose.

Mercy Ebueste
Mercy Ebueste
I have served under two organizations led by Mrs Nkechi in several capacities and of course, I have been coached by her.
It might be hard to separate Mrs Nkechi as a coach from Mrs Nkechi as a boss for me because it has always been intertwined.
Mrs Nkechi is selfless and Wise. She is like a well of knowledge and wisdom.
The best part of everything is that she doesn’t judge. She responds to every situation, every need with love and tenderness that is firm.
Why should you choose her;
She’ll help you beyond “motivational speeches”. She will help you see, help you reflect and  actually help you put in the work necessary for your growth in a way that is tender, loving and safe.
Damilola Orija
Damilola Orija
My name is Nkiru Igbonwa. I met Mrs Nkechi in camp and her fire and zeal for the things of God was on a .. later on the next year, she shared a an instruction from God to create  ‘WONDIVA Global Community’ wit the vision of helping ladies/women see themselves the way God sees them and making sure their life also is patterned the way God would have it be..
Working with Mrs Nkechi has been such a great experience.. I will highlight just a few because she is an embodiment of everything GOOD
— working with Mrs Nkechi has made me a very detailed person.. she would make sure the work she has assigned is done to perfection.
—she is a leader and server.. she leads with so much GRACE and she makes it look really ‘easy’ to do but I have learnt to take up new leadership roles in the community and at the office in general..
—Mrs Nkechi is a people’s person.. she would speak the truth in love and correct where necessary
—she is a fire brand woman, never taking the things of God with levity..if she is tired she finds a way of making things happen. There is no ‘rest’ day for Mrs Nkechi.
—she is one who also takes responsibility for what she handles
__Mrs Nkechi is LOVE.. Gosh! She goes out of her way to make sure everyone around her is comfortable and very open to listen and help where necessary. She is a great counselor too 
There is so much I have experienced working with Mrs Nkechi. It has literally transformed my life and is still transforming it.
If you are a lady/woman who is ‘lost’, seeking counsel (spiritually, marital, career), wants the right answers to burning questions.. this is the best place to be.. partner with Mrs Nkechi and watch your life transform from 0-100
God bless you always
Nkiru Ignonwa
Nkiru Ignonwa
Working with you has been an exciting journey, as I’ve been able to do better as a person.
 You are a leader who sees great things in her followers. There have been times you’ve asked me to do things I’ve never done before and i marvel at the trust you have in me when I don’t even trust myself to that extent.
You just have that strong feeling that I can do.
What working with you has done for me?
It has helped me to grow and has pushed me to learn new things.
It has also helped me to believe in people’s productivity just as you did for me.
I’ve experienced knowledge  and discovered a lot about myself as a result of working with you.
If you are looking for someone to push you beyond your limit not because she just wants to but because she trusts you to deliver and grow, I ask that you choose Mrs Nkechi Emmanuel Layode.
Looking for self discovery, you need Mrs Nkechi in your life.
Kemi Ajoh
Kemi Ajoh
Nkechi is a multi dimensional woman. She is passionate about women, helping them discover their unique self and purpose.
You see her coming with different innovations and idea all geared to helping women at various stages  or status.
She is very detailed and professional with her work. She get things done and work hard to achieve her dreams with the help of God
She is a woman you can trust because she will ensure she thoroughly dissect any issue to bring out positive result in you.
Kemi Lawal
Kemi Lawal